TeamSuccess is Rocking 10LevelRiches

TeamSuccess is ROCKING 10LevelRiches. Recently a group of diverse marketers came together in a program called just2bucksamonth, which seemed to be a great program for helping people earn an online income.  Unfortunately, the admin has not been communicating with members and many of us became disillusioned with the program.  We can’t support something that brings new paying members in and yet doesn’t give them their referral links.  Because these marketers formed such a great working relationship, TeamSuccess was formed and a search was done to find a worthy program with which to involve ourselves.  We found 10LevelRiches.  And now, keep reading to learn about the team approach we’re using and about 10LevelRiches.

First, let’s talk about how and why we are using the team approach.  As many of you know, Internet Marketing can be a real jungle.  There are so many scams, legitimate programs, affiliate marketing, free programs, high-dollar programs, low-cost programs, flim-flams…. well, you know what I’m talking about!  It’s hard to know where to start.  By working as a team, we can explore opportunities, share feedback, thoughts and ideas.  That’s how we came up with 10LevelRiches.  Once we’d decided to get involved, we knew that working synergistically we could achieve more individually.  We have a Skype group which allows us to stay in touch with one another at a moment’s notice.  We can encourage each other, get immediate support and questions answered, and simply interact with one another, thus strengthening our relationships.  By building relationships, it goes back to this…

“All things being equal, people will do business with and
refer business to, those people they know, like and trust.”


Our strong relationship means that people can connect with us and get involved with what we’re doing, knowing that they’ll have not only individual help from their sponsor, but a whole team of successful marketers from which to learn.

We each have strengths and weaknesses in what we do and by working together we come away with strengths all the way around.

As the team grows and matures, we will be offering other programs and tools to help each other. The collaborative approach puts us on the pathway to reaching our dreams and goals.

10LevelRiches is a program that is owned by Will Pattison who also owns Advertising Blowout, and another 50 or so sites. A Floridian, Will has been online for over 8 years.

10LevelRiches is a great money maker in that you only pay $20 ONE TIME, and you collect $15 over and over again. In addition, you get the names and email addresses of your direct referrals (building your list). And, you get a great software to download at each level (there are 10). Rather than trying to explain everything to you here, I suggest that you visit the site and check it out. Here is a link to get there… 10LevelRiches You can read testimonials from members by clicking the Testimonials link in the upper right of the page. Here is a screenshot I took today. Remember, at today’s writing, 10LevelRiches is one week old. Not bad for 7 days’ payouts:

10 Level Riches Paid as of today
Screen Shot of PayOut To Date at 10LevelRiches
We are very excited about our future not only with 10LevelRiches, but also with TeamSuccess! If you are looking for a home with a caring, energetic, supportive SUCCESSFUL family, we invite you to join us. Simply send me an email at to get started.

Passion And The Gift of Life

We hear a lot in network marketing (MLM, Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, etc.) about relationship building, and how people do business with people they know, like and trust. We’ll call this Theory #1. Another common theory is that it’s not who you know but who THEY know. This is Theory #2.

Back in 2001, if memory serves, I decided to get into the field of merchant services such processing checks online and credit card processing. At a training class I attended, I met a man named Gary Kohr and his wife. Soon after the class, Gary introduced me to Ned Rae and his wife Cheryl. (Theory #2 at work!)

Under Gary, I joined an MLM company called SmartTravel. Ned was Gary’s sponsor. Long story short, I met another young man, Matt Morris. Matt was Ned’s sponsor. SmartTravel underwent some changes, as many MLM companies do and later closed its doors. We (the core group) moved to another MLM, and eventually Matt Morris opened his own company, Success University.

All through the process, I followed Ned and Cheryl Rae. We’ve maintained a friendship and working relationship for over 10 years now. (Theory #1 is alive and well.) Watching Ned evolve from the leader he was to the leader he is now has been a remarkable site to behold. And even more amazing has been Cheryl’s transformation.

So, what I’d like to share today is Ned’s story. He’s written an ebook called Passion and The Gift of Life. I would follow Ned to the ends of the earth; I would trust him with my life. His journey truly is inspiring. I hope that you will take something of value from his book.

Here are some comments about the book from leaders in the marketing industry…

“You need to read his book, it will inspire you, make you realize what is important in life and help you achieve your highest potential!”
Joel Therien; CEO, Founder, Global Virtual Opportunities

“His story of overcoming adversity to achieve greatness has already inspired thousands around the world.”
Matt Morris “The Unemployed Millionaire”

“Ned, your unique ability to bring impact and genuine heart simultaneously puts you in a league of your own. You are the message that you bring, my friend.”
Johnny Wimbrey; President Wimbrey Training Systems

“Ned is an exceptional entrepreneur and author who you deserve to receive his great insight and value by reading his new e-book.”
Jeffery Combs; CEO Goldenmastermind Seminars Inc.

“Ned is one of the most AWESOME men I’ve ever met. Down-to-earth, hardworking, passionate about LIFE, his dedication and faithfulness to his God and to his family are a beacon in today’s society. Cheryl and Ned are incredible examples to everyone who want to know what a relationship should be.”
Nina Nestoroff; UltimateProfitList

Without further ado… Passion and the Gift of Life

How To Build Your Internet Marketing Business

Are you building your internet marketing business? Are you building your list? Would you like to see something exciting? Check this out… If you add only 15 people to your list, everyday, for the next month, you will have 450 people that you can MARKET your business opportunity to, anytime you want. If you keep adding 15 people per day, you will have a list of 5400 subscribers… IN JUST ONE YEAR!

If you commit to taking care of and building that list, over three years, you will have 16200 people you can advertise to at any time. When you send 16200 e-mails to people who have fallen in love with you because you are constantly giving and giving them quality information that is going to help THEM, they will buy from you with ease.

Even in you send an e-mail to all 16200 and only 20 of them buy your 250 product, you will have made 5,000 for about 15 minutes worth of work. If you can do that two times per month then you can make five figures with your eyes closed and start enjoying life.

I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to accomplish this, absolutely free of charge, all you have to do is click the link below!

Click here to get my free report!

Networking Tips from Doug Firebaugh

I ran across some tips from Doug Firebaugh about how to start conversations when you are networking. Even though this blog is mainly about Internet Marketing Tips & Tools, I thought this was important enough to include. You never know when you might have an opportunity to share with others. And you don’t want to shoot yourself in the foot when you do. Just like the Boy Scouts say… BE PREPARED.

Here are some questions that have worked for many and I encourage you to use them when you start your Magnetic Networking:

1. “What is your connection to the host of this party/conference/meeting?”

2. “How did you get involved with this organization/association/group?”

3. “Tell me about yourself.”

4. “Tell me about your family.”

5. “What is it that you enjoy most about this time of year(season)?”

6. “Who do you know that might want to know how to…”

7. “Who do you know that might know about recreational activities/restaurants/sports/events in this area?”

8. ” Bring me up to date on your family/career/hobby since the last time we chatted.”

9. “Describe that for me, that sounds interesting.”

10. “What and who does that involve?”

11. “That is so interesting. Help me understand how that works.”

12. “How did you meet/come up with that great idea/become interested in becoming an architect/starting your own business?”

13. “Do you ever read Success and Leadership books?”

14. “If I were to refer someone to you, what would your perfect customer look like?”

(c) 2005/ all rights reserved PassionFire Intl

I hope you found this both useful and interesting. Doug Firebaugh has been helping people for many years through his MLM training and his company PassionFire International.

52 Laws of Success ~ #6

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#6 Law of Success
Most Laws of Success are short and sweet, but so
very important to YOUR success! As the saying
goes, sometimes less is MORE. Pay attention.
The laws always work when YOU apply them.
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See every obstacle as a blessing.

You’ve heard of the sayings, “Within every black
cloud is a silver lining,” and “When one door closes,
a window opens.”

It’s absolutely TRUE! When you look for the
positive in every negative, you find it. The Universe
truly does have something better in store for you
when you believe it, look for it, and find it.

How often have you felt depressed or even devastated
when something unexpected and unwanted happened?
Think back on those so-called negative events in your
life… What did they lead you to? What opportunities
were you able to grasp and grow into that you wouldn’t
have been able to otherwise? What did you learn from
them? Are you a stronger person now? What
achievements or advancements came as a direct result
of what you once believed was devastation?

Choose to believe that everything shows up in your
life for a positive reason – to move you toward
growth, wisdom, and much better life and relationship

“One’s best success comes after his greatest
disappointments.” ~Henry Ward Beecher

“I’ve come to believe that all my past failure and
frustration were actually laying the foundation for
the understandings that have created the new level
of living I now enjoy.” ~Anthony (Tony) Robbins

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Double Your Income and Time Off with the
52 Laws of Success:

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52 Laws of Success ~ #3

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#3 Law of Success
Most Laws of Success are short and sweet, but so
very important to YOUR success! As the saying
goes, sometimes less is MORE. Pay attention.
The laws always work when YOU apply them.
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What do you want? DECIDE!

How can you attain your desires if you haven’t
defined exactly what they are? Stop settling for
whatever life throws at you or what other people
want for you!

Deciding and writing down exactly what you want
is like turning yourself into a magnet that auto-
matically draws your desires to you.

In detail, write down the answers to the following
questions as if time, money, education, and
experience were NOT obstacles. Dream BIG
and dream TRUE.

What is your ideal life in these seven areas?
Work/career; recreation; health; finances; relationships;
personal goals; community/world contribution

>> What do you want to be?
>> What do you want to do?
>> What do you want to own?
>> What do you want to experience?
>> What do you want to accomplish?

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Double Your Income and Time Off with the
52 Laws of Success:

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Why you MUST build your list first.

Why you MUST build your list first.

If you’ve never been in an MLM company that suddenly shut it’s doors, consider yourself lucky.

If you’ve never worked in a project that flopped and left you empty-handed with an empty wallet, consider yourself lucky.

If you’ve never followed the “gurus” from one pre-launch to the next sure thing pre-launch without earning a single dime, consider yourself lucky.

If you’re ready to learn new skills, new ways of doing things with someone who has “been there, done that”, consider yourself lucky.

As I’ve said, I’ve learned a lot, made a lot of mistakes, and racked up a lot of debt, so you don’t have to do those same things.

Working together, we can succeed together.  I believe in the power of the Internet to grow our businesses, but more importantly, I believe in the relationships we can forge.  The power of these relationships will bring you true wealth.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Eavesdropping Makes Me Think

Today, I’m sitting at a dentist’s office with my 93 year old mother.  I love having a laptop so that I can work on the fly.  Even without having an Internet connection, I can put together a few words for my blog.

As I sit here, another patient is on a cellphone.  I’m not paying much attention but I know that he’s talking with someone about a local road contractor.  My ears perk up as I hear him say something about building relationships.  Basically what I learned from hearing one side of the conversation is that another person has been coming to a job site and getting to know the guys.  He’s building a relationship.  The guy on the other side of the phone call has lost a bid by only $10.  Why?   Because someone else built a relationship.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?  I know how important it is to build relationships with people.  You’ve heard it before:  people join people, they don’t join websites or buildings.  So, my advice is to always try to get to know people.  Look for common ground.  Care about where they are coming from.   Remember that it’s not your desires that are important, it’s the desires of your team members.  Put them first and you will succeed.