Passion And The Gift of Life

We hear a lot in network marketing (MLM, Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, etc.) about relationship building, and how people do business with people they know, like and trust. We’ll call this Theory #1. Another common theory is that it’s not who you know but who THEY know. This is Theory #2.

Back in 2001, if memory serves, I decided to get into the field of merchant services such processing checks online and credit card processing. At a training class I attended, I met a man named Gary Kohr and his wife. Soon after the class, Gary introduced me to Ned Rae and his wife Cheryl. (Theory #2 at work!)

Under Gary, I joined an MLM company called SmartTravel. Ned was Gary’s sponsor. Long story short, I met another young man, Matt Morris. Matt was Ned’s sponsor. SmartTravel underwent some changes, as many MLM companies do and later closed its doors. We (the core group) moved to another MLM, and eventually Matt Morris opened his own company, Success University.

All through the process, I followed Ned and Cheryl Rae. We’ve maintained a friendship and working relationship for over 10 years now. (Theory #1 is alive and well.) Watching Ned evolve from the leader he was to the leader he is now has been a remarkable site to behold. And even more amazing has been Cheryl’s transformation.

So, what I’d like to share today is Ned’s story. He’s written an ebook called Passion and The Gift of Life. I would follow Ned to the ends of the earth; I would trust him with my life. His journey truly is inspiring. I hope that you will take something of value from his book.

Here are some comments about the book from leaders in the marketing industry…

“You need to read his book, it will inspire you, make you realize what is important in life and help you achieve your highest potential!”
Joel Therien; CEO, Founder, Global Virtual Opportunities

“His story of overcoming adversity to achieve greatness has already inspired thousands around the world.”
Matt Morris “The Unemployed Millionaire”

“Ned, your unique ability to bring impact and genuine heart simultaneously puts you in a league of your own. You are the message that you bring, my friend.”
Johnny Wimbrey; President Wimbrey Training Systems

“Ned is an exceptional entrepreneur and author who you deserve to receive his great insight and value by reading his new e-book.”
Jeffery Combs; CEO Goldenmastermind Seminars Inc.

“Ned is one of the most AWESOME men I’ve ever met. Down-to-earth, hardworking, passionate about LIFE, his dedication and faithfulness to his God and to his family are a beacon in today’s society. Cheryl and Ned are incredible examples to everyone who want to know what a relationship should be.”
Nina Nestoroff; UltimateProfitList

Without further ado… Passion and the Gift of Life

Don’t Give Up…Follow Up

Following is an article by Rick Katz.  Rick is one of my favorite people here on the www.  He really knows what it takes to succeed online and off.  I was going to just quote a little of his article here, but I couldn’t decide what to keep in and what to cut.  So, to give you the best information I can, I’m including the whole article.  Enjoy!

Don’t Give Up…Follow Up

advanced list training article

by Rick Katz

“The fortune is in the follow-up”

I don’t know who coined that phrase. But, truer statements are rare to find.

Now, I know you understand how important it is to build a list. That is why you are a Member of List Builder Mastermind Group.

However, the key, most significant, most vitally important use of your list is for FOLLOW UP. If you are merely building a list to just keep sending advertisements to it, your list will be of little value. If you have a great system (like we have with LBMG), you need to wisely and steadily continue to entice the people on your list who haven’t joined us yet, to get off the fence and get on board.

The majority of people will not join you the first time around. There are a couple reasons why they won’t.

They may not understand it at first.  But, as you follow up with them and continue telling them about the benefits of joining, they may begin to understand. A light may suddenly go on and they decide they really do need our system. They may not be able to afford it…yet.  But, as you continue to follow up, maybe next week, maybe next month, maybe six months from now, they do have the money available and they are ready to go.

But, if you give up and don’t follow up…they will be joining something else or worse…someone else!  There’s another lesson here too. If YOU give up on the system, YOU will miss out on all the people you got to opt-in, but when they’re ready to join, you’re no longer in the program. That is why, it is so important not to just be a program hopper. You need to give things time to work.

I haven’t yet found a way to get rich overnight. And I’ve been an entrepreneur for decades now. I joined my first MLM company over 25years ago. Getting rich in network marketing or Internet marketing overnight is as rare as hitting the lottery. So, don’t count on it. Instead, get better and better at what you do. And just KEEP AT IT.

1.  Make a commitment first to yourself that you aren’t going to quit. You’re going to keep at it.

2. Two to three times per week you are going to send a broadcast email to your list about our system. Explain a benefit. Tell about a new aspect of the program. A new lead capture page we may have. A new article or feature. Tell about the success YOU are having with the system (don’t lie, be honest). Or the success someone in your upline or in our program is having. Etc.

3. Understand that for many people on your list, they will not be joining until weeks or months down the road. You need to be persistent and carefully groom them. Treat them as if they are already on your Team.

4. Become a Leader. Offer to help people. Give them your personal contact information. Think of ways to help them get started. Maybe offer to help them promote. Offer to put them in your advertising rotator. A leader is always thinking of ways to help the team, not just themselves.

I hope that you enjoyed this article by Rick.

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