Ultimate Profit List ~ A New Viral List Builder

Wow!  It has been a crazy month so far.

Ultimate Profit List launched on January 11, 2011 at 11:11 a.m. CST, as scheduled.  No hitches in our gitalong.  So it was grand.  We\’re not setting records yet, not number one in Traffic Hoopla yet.  That distinction goes to one of our valued members, Mr. Stefan Berg, owner of The Lead Magnet.

But we are growing quite nicely, we\’ve turned on the system mailer and solo ads.  The members seem to be very responsive.  They\’ve been submitting some great advertising.  And we\’ve been very blessed to have some top leaders in the industry supporting us and promoting Ultimate Profit List.  Thanks, Tony, Paul, Sherri, Lars, Brian, Brent, and many, many more.

It is our intention to improve, tweak, add to, and generally make Ultimate Profit List a fun, responsive, exciting place to advertise.  We\’ll always be working to make UPL better for our valued members.

My business partner, Lisa McCormick, had surgery on her left hand this past Friday.  Therefore, the weekend has been a bit challenging since I have been admin\’ing for both of us in addition to taking care of her.  Hopefully, she\’ll be back to her usual state of wellbeing in short order. 

Launching Tomorrow ~ BE THERE!

Launching 1/11/11 at 11:11 a.m. CST

Ultimate Profit List

Yes, it\’s another viral list builder that are all the rage right now.  Why? you ask…

Quite simply…Because they WORK!

Lots of great advertising and the opportunity to build your list.  Plus you get Instant Commissions!  How sweet is that??  Having been on the receiving side, I can assure you that it\’s a great feeling to get paid for simply sharing a great traffic resource with your list, your friends, your friends\’ friends, and basically,anyone looking for more "eyes on" for their businesses.

Use promo code "newmember"
for $100 free advertising

Hope to see you there!

How To Build An Enormous List

Here we are approaching 2011, fast and furious!  And I know that many people are struggling with jobs that don’t pay, and hopes for an online business that haven’t quite materialized yet.  Since the money is in the list, or so we’ve been told… you need to know how to build an enormous list.

Do I have all the answers??  NOT BY A LONG SHOT!

But one thing I do know is that you have to keep working at it.  Traffic is king, you have to have eyes on your site before anyone will join you in anything.  After all, if they don\’t know what you\’re doing, how can they be a part of it?

So, what do you do?  You advertise.  Pique your prospects interest, offer them an incentive to give you their contact information.  Stay in contact through your autoresponder.  And you continue to advertise.  All the while, building your list.  Remember, you must provide value.

If you’re not sure how to do all this, please grab a copy of Ultimate List Building Tips.  It’s a free e-book that I wrote giving you step by step direction and the resources to help you build your list.  Grab a copy.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to advertising.  Text ad exchanges, safelists, list builders (much the same as safelists) and traffic exchanges.  I highly recommend that you advertise everywhere you can, layering your advertising is what I call it.  Branding yourself, making yourself visible and consistent.

I will be launching a new list builder in January along with my business partner, Lisa McCormick.  There are many list builders to choose from, and I believe that Ultimate Profit List will be a top contender on the list of "where to advertise".  We are adding some great value to our membership through bonuses.  I hope that you will be among our beloved membership! 

To get the details, please subscribe to our pre-launch list.  Here’s a screenshot of the form:


Just click on the image above and you’ll be taken to the actual form. I’ll put you on the pre-launch list so you’ll get advance notice of launch info plus you’ll get a special promo code for extra advertising, if you’ll complete the form with your info. (See the use of an incentive at work??)

So, be ready to add Ultimate Profit List to your arsenal of great advertising resources, read the ebook mentioned above, Ultimate List Building Tips, and let’s make 2011 YOUR YEAR!

Blessings to all and Happy New Year!

Nina Nestoroff

Viral Cash List

Hardly a day goes by when there isn’t something new and exciting in the world of Internet Marketing. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming! But, it’s important to take a look at things as they come by. You don’t want to miss out on something that could be of benefit to you. The trick here is to look intelligently, look quickly, make a decision and move on. This brings me to today’s topic, which is yet another list builder. Viral Cash List

So what makes Viral Cash List something worth joining? Here’s a little info about it:

It is a new VIRAL mailer where you can mail to everyone that joins after you as well as earn awesome

* You receive $5 commissions over and over.
* EVERY member that joins after you goes on your list.
* You build a list of thousands QUICKLY.
* You email that list directly from the site.
* You make money as you promote hot new opportunities!

This is a STRAIGHTLINE list-builder so every person that joins after you, goes on YOUR list… NOT just your personal referrals. And you get paid $5 for every member of your PERSONAL downline 5-levels deep.

Pay just $25 one-time and get your list ready for 2011.

Sounds good, right?

Let me tell you my experience:

At the time of this writing, I’ve been in Viral Cash List about 18 hours. I’ve had 2 personals join on my first level, and there is one on my second level. Not very exciting, right? Well, it actually is. I’ve earned $30 so far, not bad, but more importantly I have OVER 300 new people to mail!! Now THAT IS EXCITING! Let me make sure you understand…. in about 18 hours, I’ve got over 300 NEW people that I can connect with, share programs with, learn from, etc. That ROCKS!!

There is an upgrade once you’ve verified your email for an additional $50. So that makes a total investment of $75 for life. Pretty good, considering many programs are much higher. I took the upgrade. It made sense to me personally and it’s what I recommend. But if that’s not possible for you, stick with the $25 level. You will still benefit.

So, I’ve paid $75 (email list is growing as we speak) and I’ve made back $30. One neat thing about that $30 I earned… $10 was GIVEN to me as a random payment because someone joined as Gold but their sponsor was not Gold. Yes, if you are a Gold member, you get random payments. Here’s how it breaks down: I received 2 $5 payments for my 2 direct referrals. One of those upgraded, so I received another $10 for that. Then I received the $10 random payment. That totals $30. I have $5 more coming as soon as the person in my second level verifies his email and pays.

I see Viral Cash List as an easy way to earn some extra income but most importantly, a way to grow a list quickly. In a nutshell, get in; get in now! Let everyone on your current list know you’re in and start building your list bigger and better.

I Feel Like The Girl In The Vaudeville Knife-Throwing Act

Have you ever felt that things were coming at you so fast and furious that you didn’t dare move? That’s how I’ve felt lately, like the girl in the Vaudeville act who was standing against a board while knives were being thrown at her.

There have been more launches and new programs coming out, more time-consuming, brainpower-sucking, fun things than I know what to do with. In addition to that, I was asked to JV with Lana Robinson on her new project My Team Builder Pro. And that is my focus for this post.

Have you ever felt you’d been lied to? Is the so-called sponsor who was so eager to help you get started in your business nowhere to be found? You know the one who told you that you’d make a bazillion dollars if you just get your 3 who get their 3 who are all on the list of 100 that you needed to make as soon as you signed up. Have you ever spent your nest egg money (even though the chickens stopped laying) just so you can get in the next biggest and baddest opportunity because THIS ONE is the one that’s going to set you free? Yeah, me too.

Truth is… hardy anyone speaks the truth. Oh, I’m not calling everybody a bunch of liars. I’m just saying that seldom in this industry do you hear the real truth about what to do, how to do it, why to do it this way, what really works, etc. I want you to grab this free report, there’s no obligation, but read this report and see if it resonates with you as it did with me. Here’s the link for the report Business Audit. I stayed up really late last night to read it. And I must admit it really hit home in a few places.

I am here on the Internet, working my business because I believe that an incredible opportunity is open here for all who want to partake. It is my goal to provide you with the truth, sharing with you what works, just like I did in my ebook Ultimate List Building Tips. The report Lana wrote is top-notch and I highly recommend that you add it to your resources along with my ebook. Then jump over to the website and join this community. I definitely recommend that you take the upgraded one-time offer for Platinum if you can; this is probably one of those times is OKAY to spend your nest egg. 🙂

So, after you’ve read the Business Audit Report, come on over to My Team Builder Pro and grab your membership. You’ll be glad you did.

Are You A Member of ApSense.com?

Are you a member of ApSense.com?

I just wanted to give you a quick review about the site. ApSense is a great place to network, advertise, and build your list. I’ve been a member of ApSense for a while, unfortunately I have not used it to it’s fullest capacity. But it is my intention to rectify that going forward.

At ApSense.com, you are allowed to create a blog, show your favorite resources, and actually build an online presence. The cost of ApSense.com is free, or you can upgrade and take advantage of more features.

ApSense.com includes a desktop marketing system called iChannel. Some text ad exchanges include desktop advertising in their arsenal of services. By subscribing to their iChannel, you can receive ads delivered to your desktop rather than to your email inbox. It’s a great way to read ads, you earn credits just like you do when you go to the text ad exchange or to your email. I just started my own iChannel, ultimatelistbuilding

I am hoping that my blog posts will update there. I will probably have to learn a little more about doing that. But learning new things is something that I enjoy. Sometimes I find myself in a little trouble, as in when I was trying to change some information in the header of my other blog Ultimate List Building Tips. I couldn’t quite get a header to change correctly, so I had to ask for help. That’s okay, because now I learned how to fix it. Never be afraid to try something and if you need help, ask for it.

This concludes my review of ApSense.com. I hope that you will join my network there and also subscribe to my iChannel.

How To Build Your Internet Marketing Business

Are you building your internet marketing business? Are you building your list? Would you like to see something exciting? Check this out… If you add only 15 people to your list, everyday, for the next month, you will have 450 people that you can MARKET your business opportunity to, anytime you want. If you keep adding 15 people per day, you will have a list of 5400 subscribers… IN JUST ONE YEAR!

If you commit to taking care of and building that list, over three years, you will have 16200 people you can advertise to at any time. When you send 16200 e-mails to people who have fallen in love with you because you are constantly giving and giving them quality information that is going to help THEM, they will buy from you with ease.

Even in you send an e-mail to all 16200 and only 20 of them buy your 250 product, you will have made 5,000 for about 15 minutes worth of work. If you can do that two times per month then you can make five figures with your eyes closed and start enjoying life.

I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to accomplish this, absolutely free of charge, all you have to do is click the link below!

Click here to get my free report!

This Just In…

Good Friday Morning to You!

I just wanted to give you a quick update about Instant Splash, a resource on my Resources page.  (Yes, believe it or not, that’s where it’s located.  Go figure…)

What I wanted to tell you is that the webmaster, Carl Bailey, just added a feature where members can create their own customized Splash or Capture pages.  Carl is awesome, as he is always tweaking and improving Instant Splash.  It’s free to join, but you can upgrade for $9.95 a month, and earn $5.00 each month for everyone who sees that same value.  Even with my less than genius math skills, I can see that I’m earning in excess of 50% commission.

Instant Splash is really cool because everyone advertising on the Internet SHOULD be using a capture page to build their list.  As it stands, not only am I using this service at no cost, but I’m in profit.  Heck, Carl even GUARANTEES a profit within 72 hours… see details inside.

Here is a sample of a capture page I created using the original version (still in operation):  http://instantsplash.com/s/7423

Here is a sample of a Splash Page that Carl has created to promote the New Generation version:  http://instantsplash.com/s/23494

Here is a sample of a Splash Page that I created in just a few minutes using the New Generation version:  http://instantsplash.com/s/23925

Instant Splash has my highest recommendation.  You really NEED Instant Splash because you really MUST build your list!

Successfully blogging…

It’s My Mantra…It Should Be Yours, Too!

What’s the number one thing that all of us want and need?

Right… World Peace.

But besides that, if you have a website, an online business, or a blog, what do you want and need to be successful? It’s TRAFFIC!

No matter how beautiful your website design, no matter how awesome your product is, or how witty your writings, if no one sees them, it’s all for naught. So your main focus should be driving traffic to your site.

There are many ways of doing that.  There are more traffic exchanges, safelists, and text ad exchanges online than you can shake a stick at.  How do you know where to advertise? I use Traffic Hoopla as a resource that shows how the various advertising sources rank.  Traffic Hoopla does independent tracking and ranks them on how they actually perform. It’s a free resource.

The other thing you need to do is track your advertising. You always need to test everything you do.  Sometimes just changing a word can change your results; sometimes a color change makes a difference.  You don’t want to spend money on ads and memberships with an ad campaign that isn’t getting the results you want.  So, always be vigilant about the advertising you are doing. The tool that I use and absolutely LOVE is a little program called Trac-Ads. It’s not a free program, but your monthly business expense is only $4.99 and it pays a 40% commission.

One other thing that I may have mentioned before but it does bear repeating.  If you are going to use traffic exchanges, in particular, you MUST use splash pages. The sites rotate sometimes as quickly as 6 seconds.  So having anything in there with lots of verbiage or a video is just useless.  You only have seconds to catch the surfers attention.  Don’t blow it!  My favorite tool to use for making splash pages is Instant Splash.  It’s a free resource, also.

The last thing today is something that I consider my “mantra”.  It’s…Build Your List! No matter what you do, your primary focus should be building your list.  Remember… BUILD YOUR LIST!

Here are the links for the three resources I mentioned above and a bonus free report, “Insiders Guide” to using ad exchanges:

Traffic Hoopla:  http://trac-ads.com/ag20
(free or upgrade to earn 50% commission)

Trac-Ads:     http://trac-ads.com/ad69
(earn 40% commission)

Instant Splash:  http://trac-ads.com/af71
(free or upgrade to earn $50% commission)

Insiders Guide:  http://trac-ads.com/ai69

I hope everyone has a great week.  Please contact me if I can help you in any way or if you just want to introduce yourself. You can’t have too many friends!


P.S.  Subscribe to my youtube channel: 

Don’t Give Up…Follow Up

Following is an article by Rick Katz.  Rick is one of my favorite people here on the www.  He really knows what it takes to succeed online and off.  I was going to just quote a little of his article here, but I couldn’t decide what to keep in and what to cut.  So, to give you the best information I can, I’m including the whole article.  Enjoy!

Don’t Give Up…Follow Up

advanced list training article

by Rick Katz

“The fortune is in the follow-up”

I don’t know who coined that phrase. But, truer statements are rare to find.

Now, I know you understand how important it is to build a list. That is why you are a Member of List Builder Mastermind Group.

However, the key, most significant, most vitally important use of your list is for FOLLOW UP. If you are merely building a list to just keep sending advertisements to it, your list will be of little value. If you have a great system (like we have with LBMG), you need to wisely and steadily continue to entice the people on your list who haven’t joined us yet, to get off the fence and get on board.

The majority of people will not join you the first time around. There are a couple reasons why they won’t.

They may not understand it at first.  But, as you follow up with them and continue telling them about the benefits of joining, they may begin to understand. A light may suddenly go on and they decide they really do need our system. They may not be able to afford it…yet.  But, as you continue to follow up, maybe next week, maybe next month, maybe six months from now, they do have the money available and they are ready to go.

But, if you give up and don’t follow up…they will be joining something else or worse…someone else!  There’s another lesson here too. If YOU give up on the system, YOU will miss out on all the people you got to opt-in, but when they’re ready to join, you’re no longer in the program. That is why, it is so important not to just be a program hopper. You need to give things time to work.

I haven’t yet found a way to get rich overnight. And I’ve been an entrepreneur for decades now. I joined my first MLM company over 25years ago. Getting rich in network marketing or Internet marketing overnight is as rare as hitting the lottery. So, don’t count on it. Instead, get better and better at what you do. And just KEEP AT IT.

1.  Make a commitment first to yourself that you aren’t going to quit. You’re going to keep at it.

2. Two to three times per week you are going to send a broadcast email to your list about our system. Explain a benefit. Tell about a new aspect of the program. A new lead capture page we may have. A new article or feature. Tell about the success YOU are having with the system (don’t lie, be honest). Or the success someone in your upline or in our program is having. Etc.

3. Understand that for many people on your list, they will not be joining until weeks or months down the road. You need to be persistent and carefully groom them. Treat them as if they are already on your Team.

4. Become a Leader. Offer to help people. Give them your personal contact information. Think of ways to help them get started. Maybe offer to help them promote. Offer to put them in your advertising rotator. A leader is always thinking of ways to help the team, not just themselves.

I hope that you enjoyed this article by Rick.

If you are interested in learning more about the List Builder Mastermind Group, please take a moment to visit my site:  http://trac-ads.com/af76