Walt Bayliss Connects IBS and WordPress

Walt Bayliss always seems to have something up his sleeve.  And I mean that in a good way!  Although we’ve never met or even spoken, he seems to be someone to keep an eye on and someone with whom to connect.

Not his first rodeo, but one that I certainly have used, is Instant Blog Subscribers.  There has been some comment in various places (by "real" bloggers) that this platform has people who know nothing about blogging suddenly thinking they are bloggers.  Looking at some of the blogs that have been created that are nothing but advertising and some of the SPAMmy comments on my own posts here that may have some validity.  But since I’m a blogging novice, having only started back in early spring, I will not throw stones.

So, what I wanted to write about today is the new addition to the IBS platform that gives us the ability to update our WordPress blogs when we post here on Instant Blog Subscribers.  I haven’t used it yet and this post is mostly a test run.

I have two WordPress blogs.  Internet Marketing Tips & Tools and Ultimate List Building Tips Blog.  I am guessing that this procedure will simply copy this post into those blogs.  If that is the case, how does this affect Google’s ranking and rules regarding duplicate content.  I have no idea because I truly don’t understand that issue.  So, I welcome comments that can explain this issue.

Okay, I guess the time has come to start the test.  Hold on to your hats…. here we go, connecting Instant Blog Subscribers with my two WordPress blogs.  Stay tuned for more…

IM faceplate – Read the Review at Instant Blog Subscribers

Are you a member of IM faceplate yet? My advice is to read my review of the site over at Instant Blog Subscribers. IM faceplate is a new social site geared toward business-minded people. The neatest thing it does, in my opinion, is give you a single site that pulls everything together in one place. What do I mean by that?

If you go to my faceplate, you will see my picture, plus a “shout” from me highlighting whatever I think is important at the moment. A “shout” is similar to a tweet, except you have to remove your current shout to post another. The page also displays various ways to stay in contact with me, in addition to following me on IM faceplate. You will see a link to my twitter, my faceplace, my blog, and my flickr photos. There are also excepts of my blog posts, with links to take you directly there. You can also see my youtube videos. So, it really let’s me attract like-minded people.

My recommendation is that you go read my post at Instant Blog Subscribers. I think I did a great job with it. I’ve included a screenshot of my faceplate along with a description of what you see. I’ve also included a link to a review Tim Linden did when IMfaceplate first launched in July. Between what was then and what is now, IM faceplate has grown quite a bit.

After reading my review, I hope you decide to join IM faceplate. Here’s a link. IM faceplate

This Will Make You Smile

Well, this is a little out of the norm for what I generally share on my blog. But it was so cool that I couldn’t resist.

Just to give you a little background information on how I got to this… There was a new “opportunity” just launched by Walt Bayliss, an Internet marketer of some renown. The program is called Instant Blog Subscribers . The whole premise is to be able to connect with others through a blogging system, even if you’re a complete blogging newbie. I joined and have been posting a few things there.

I made contact with a gentleman in Thailand, who is originally from West Texas. YAY! He actually wrote some good posts, as opposed to so many people who are simply throwing sales pages up on the site. So, I visited his website and this video was on there. I was so taken by the message on the video that I wanted to share it with you too.

It’s a bit long, a little over 16 minutes. But very entertaining and enlightening. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did. Mostly I hope you take the message from it that I took.