How To Add A Facebook Like Button

This is really cool. I’ve added a Facebook “like” button to some of my posts here in my blog. It’s really easy to do. My friend, Veronica Smith, Veronica Jo Smith, Internet Marketing Tips for “Newbies” showed me how to do it with a video that she made.

When you install the Like Button on your page or post, and a Facebook user visits your site and clicks on it to “Like” it, a link to your page gets added to their activity stream. All of their friends can see that link, click on it and be led directly to your page. When each person arrives, the Like button is personalized for them — it shows which of their friends have already clicked it, and when they click on it, a link to your page gets added to their stream.

Now there are actually two versions of the Like button, one that uses an i-frame and one that uses JavaScript. I suggest using the I-Frame because it is so easy. Here’s what you do:

Got to

Simply choose the options you want, the first being the site on which you want the like button to appear. Here’s some info from that Facebook page:


href – the URL to like. The XFBML version defaults to the current page.

layout – there are three options.

standard – displays social text to the right of the button and friends’ profile photos below. Minimum width: 225 pixels. Default width: 450 pixels. Height: 35 pixels (without photos) or 80 pixels (with photos).

button_count – displays the total number of likes to the right of the button. Minimum width: 90 pixels. Default width: 90 pixels. Height: 20 pixels.

box_count – displays the total number of likes above the button. Minimum width: 55 pixels. Default width: 55 pixels. Height: 65 pixels.

show_faces – specifies whether to display profile photos below the button (standard layout only)

width – the width of the Like button.

action – the verb to display on the button. Options: ‘like’, ‘recommend’

font – the font to display in the button. Options: ‘arial’, ‘lucida grande’, ‘segoe ui’, ‘tahoma’, ‘trebuchet ms’, ‘verdana’

colorscheme – the color scheme for the like button. Options: ‘light’, ‘dark’

ref – a label for tracking referrals; must be less than 50 characters and can contain alphanumeric characters and some punctuation (currently +/=-.:_). The ref attribute causes two parameters to be added to the referrer URL when a user clicks a link from a stream story about a Like action:

fb_ref – the ref parameter

fb_source – the stream type (‘home’, ‘profile’, ‘search’, ‘other’) in which the click occurred and the story type (‘oneline’ or ‘multiline’), concatenated with an underscore.


It’s really simple to do. After you’ve made your choices, click the “Get Code” button. Your code will be displayed. Copy it and then you’ll take it to your blog or whatever page you’re wanting to put it on. Then you just paste it in.

I put mine on my different posts. It seemed to make sense to me that someone would “like” after they’ve read the post. So, I went to my dashboard for my blog. I clicked on Posts and inserted the code at the end of the post. I clicked “Update” and voila! There was a beautiful “Like” button at the end of my post. I’m saving my code on a Notepad, and whenever I add a new Post here, I’ll just grab the code and put it at the end of my post.

NOW, before you rush off to create your own “Like” button, be sure to click on my button at the end of this post and tell the Facebook world you like this post.

And before I forget…. A great big THANK YOU to Veronica for stepping out and showing us how to do this.

Check Out This “How To” Video I Created

Check out the “how to” video I created. It’s a video tutorial on how to hyperlink text and URL’s in I use TrafficWave as my autoresponder of choice, as you probably already know. I have created a campaign to use for promoting Ultimate List Building Tips, and because it’s a master copy, I put text instructions in several of the letters, rather than embedding my own links. In the text instruction, I tell the campaign user to remove the text, insert their link and hyperlink it. After putting that in several letters, I decided that it might be problematic for them if they don’t know how to hyperlink. So rather than leave that to chance I created the video.

This was my first time to use Camtasia 7 as my recording platform. I’m not even sure if that’s the right term. Anyway, I’ve used ScreenToaster in the past and uploaded the video to youtube. Although I haven’t tested it, I’m told that ScreenToaster was terminated. So, I looked at alternative methods. I was a bit afraid of Camtasia 7, but it was really easy to produce the video. My challenge came when I tried to upload it to youtube. After several failed attempts, I was able to get it uploaded.

So here’s the link: How To Hyperlink Text and URL’s in TrafficWave

I hope you enjoy it!

52 Laws of Success ~#9

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#9 Law of Success
Most Laws of Success are short and sweet, but so
very important to YOUR success! As the saying
goes, sometimes less is MORE. Pay attention.
The laws always work when YOU apply them.
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If you don’t know how, find and learn from a resource.

No matter what your dream consists of, someone
somewhere has probably already achieved it.

Learning something new requires change, work,
and sometimes inconvenience. Achieving and then
living your dreams REQUIRES that you get OUT
of your comfort zone.

Make it OKAY with yourself to feel uncomfortable,
and seek out those who have already paved the
road before you and left a trail in the form of:

– How-to books, tapes, CDs, videos
– Internet resources such as ebooks, audios, email
and online courses
– Anyone whom you would consider a teacher,
mentor, or coach in your area of interest
Ask to interview, assist, volunteer or intern for
– College or other courses & workshops

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© Copyright 2006 and Beyond; Barbie Zabel; All Rights Reserved

Free Reprint, Publish, and Distribution Allowed
only when this notice and the following resource
tag is kept fully intact:

Double Your Income and Time Off with the
52 Laws of Success:

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How To Add Images To Your Blog Excerpts

I was recently asked how to add images to your blog so I thought maybe a post with the instructions for doing so might be in order. So, here goes…

First of all, you want to have your front page of your posts to show excerpts, rather than the full posts. The reason for doing that is people will come to your blog and if the subject at hand isn’t something they are interested in, they will probably leave. They’re not likely to scroll down through massive quantities of text to find something of interest. Also, seeing a page with a large amount of text on it is not very appealing, even if it is a subject that might be of interest to the reader.

So, I was instructed to do it differently, by just showing excerpts and by adding images to the page. Images are considered “eye candy” and people will interact more. I have two blogs that I do this on, and as far as I can tell, you do it differently depending on the theme you are using. At least the first part is done differently; that’s the part where you tell your theme that you want to show excerpts of your posts rather than full posts.

Here are a few instructions:

I use the Mystique theme for this blog.

First I went to Appearance, then clicked on Mystique settings.

In that section, I went to Content and chose the drop down menu for Post Previews & chose Excerpts.

Now, on my UltimateListBuildingTips blog I use the Decker theme, and on that one I had to go to Appearance, then choose Editor and had to adjust the code in Main Index Template (index.php) Rather than giving the instructions for that here, I would just tell you to determine how your particular theme works and adjust it accordingly.

Now, go to your posts and you’ll see an area underneath where you write your post called Excerpt. In that area, add this code:

< img src="http://YOUR_IMAGE_URL_GOES_HERE.jpg" class="alignleft" height="100"/ >
(Please note that in order for the code above to actually show up in this post, I had to goof around some with the code by putting a space after the opening tag < and before the closing tag >.)

The image should be no larger than about 125×125, the code above decreases the height to 100 pixels. That reminds me. I found a great free tool for resizing images. Go to, upload your image, resize it (additional editing available), and save it. Works great! Very easy to use.

After you put that code in with your image url, put a few lines of text in directly after that closing tag > then add this code to the end: < br style="clear:both;"/ >
(I also had to adjust this code by adding spaces after the opening and before the closing tags.)

And, here’s how it would look when finished:

< img src="" class="alignleft" height="100"/ > If you want to know the best way to build your list, you’ll want to get a copy of the new ebook just released to the public. The name is UltimateListBuildingTips, and you can get a copy for free. Go to this to learn more.< br style="clear:both;"/ >
(Again, I added spaces after the opening tag and before the closing tag so you could actually see the code “in action”. Be sure to take the spaces out when actually doing this so that it works properly)

Below is an example of how an excerpt with an image would appear, using the code above with the spaces taken out.

If you want to know the best way to build your list, you’ll want to get a copy of the new ebook just released to the public. The name is UltimateListBuildingTips, and you can get a copy for free. Go to this to learn more. Not only can you get the ebook for free, you get giveaway rights or you can even purchase rebranding rights and earn up to 50% commission.

I always manually add the text that I want included in the excerpt. I’m pretty sure there is a way to have it select an excerpt automatically. But this way, I know that it has the amount of material that I want included.

Its really pretty simple to do. The biggest challenge is finding an image that pertains to your post. Just a quick recommendation for some free clip art. I found this site while looking for clip art that didn’t require a subscription or didn’t have copyrighted material. It’s called HassleFreeClipArt and it really is! I hope you enjoyed this post and learned how to add images to your blog excerpts.