Murphy’s Law and Why Internet Marketing Sucks

Okay, truth be told, Internet Marketing doesn’t really suck.  But thanks to Murphy who wrote the law, my attempt to have a productive, fulfilling day with my Internet Marketing home business was thwarted every time I turned around.  Let me share this with you.  If nothing else, you can laugh with me.  And maybe you’ll glean some word or words of wisdom.

So, there we were, trying to put together a new campaign for our team.  Busy, busy, busy.  Working on letters for our autoresponder.  Tweaking and perfecting.  Everything progressing nicely.  It was time for our webinar to let the other team members know our plans and to get feedback from them.  Everyone was excited about the campaign and the splash pages I had created.  We worked through the letters so that we had them reading as we wanted.  Next plan was for my team member to finish with the letters while I conducted one-on-one training for creating the capture pages.  The training was successful and those who participated had a good handle on getting everything set up properly.

Next step was to create some short videos showing the process from beginning to end on making the capture page and two splash pages.  Simple, right?  Yeah, right.  Simple, unless something goes wrong.  Here’s where it all went downhill for me.  Hopefully, you won’t be able to relate totally…I’m sorry if you can…but I’ll bet you’ve had similar experiences.

First video, I had all my tabs open, everything in place ready to record.  Twenty seconds into the recording, Someone knocks on the door and comes in.  Cut!

Second take, ready to rock.  I did the recording.  Everything was going well.  We had a power outage.  Not much, just enough to kill all the electronics for the nanosecond it takes to have to start over.

Take three, sigh.  All right, it all goes well.  Oops, 11  minutes, 11 seconds.  Hmmm, I’ve been told that anything over 10 minutes goes downhill in quality.  Do I chance it?  No, no point in taking the time to convert the video, upload it, download it, publish it, etc.  Why bother?

Taaaake four.  Video is complete.  Only 8 minutes long.  Life is good.  My video is converting, only about 15 minutes left to do. Then it will be time to download it, upload it, etc.   BLUE SCREEN.   WHATT????  AAAUUUUUUUGHHH!!   ##%&&@))**

Take five.  WOW!  By golly, I think it worked.  Came in under 8 minutes.  Only a couple of goof-ups in my speech pattern.  Finally!  So, went through the conversion and watched it to see how it turned out before downloading, uploading and all the other steps.  Wait, there’s no sound.  No sound??  How can that be?  What went wrong?  Oh…the mute button on my headset was turned off.  DARN!

Since the third time was NOT the charm, nor was the fifth time, I decided to give it up for the night.  Which is why I’m sitting here writing this to you.  I’m waiting for my new video to convert.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.  I need to hide from Mr. Murphy.

Yea!! It’s another day.  Murphy is nowhere in sight and the video I just did turned out great!

Update:  Both videos are done, they are great and I’m exhausted!

The Joys Of Working From Home

Good Morning and Welcome to The Weekend!!

I remember back when I was in a J.O.B., my life centered around weekends.

On Wednesday, Hump Day, you start counting the days.  On Thursday, you start counting the hours.  Making it till Friday was the goal, so you could “LIVE” for a couple of days.  Of course by Sunday evening, the anxieties of facing yet another miserable week with people you didn’t really like, doing things that you didn’t really want to do…. YUCK!

I absolutely LOVE working from home.  Being my own boss isn’t always easy.  Sometimes I really have to stay on my case to get the things done that I have to do.  But, there is no feeling like that of being in CONTROL of my own outcome (and income!).

One of the key ingredients of working from home is being able to convince the other people in your life that you are actually working.  So many times, because you don’t drive off every morning to a job, your family feels as though you don’t “work”. Therefore, you can run all the errands, take care of all the household chores, buy the groceries and fix gourmet meals, change the oil in the car, be ready for a night of passion on a moment’s notice (I didn’t say it was all bad!) and anything else they deem important. No matter that you have deadlines, obligations, webinars, and training. Those things are totally inconsequential in their minds. (And they wonder why you seem so stressed…)

It’s imperative that you have a conversation with them… non-confrontational, of course. You have to explain that you have set working hours and a set schedule.  You have deadlines to meet, and work goals to achieve.  Then, make sure that you do set those hours aside and work them.  When you’re at work (even if it’s at the kitchen table or in the little home office you’ve carved out of yourself), do your work.  It’s all about discipline…both for you and your family. You have to value your time and efforts so that others will do the same.

I’d love your comments on how you balance things.