I Feel Like The Girl In The Vaudeville Knife-Throwing Act

Have you ever felt that things were coming at you so fast and furious that you didn’t dare move? That’s how I’ve felt lately, like the girl in the Vaudeville act who was standing against a board while knives were being thrown at her.

There have been more launches and new programs coming out, more time-consuming, brainpower-sucking, fun things than I know what to do with. In addition to that, I was asked to JV with Lana Robinson on her new project My Team Builder Pro. And that is my focus for this post.

Have you ever felt you’d been lied to? Is the so-called sponsor who was so eager to help you get started in your business nowhere to be found? You know the one who told you that you’d make a bazillion dollars if you just get your 3 who get their 3 who are all on the list of 100 that you needed to make as soon as you signed up. Have you ever spent your nest egg money (even though the chickens stopped laying) just so you can get in the next biggest and baddest opportunity because THIS ONE is the one that’s going to set you free? Yeah, me too.

Truth is… hardy anyone speaks the truth. Oh, I’m not calling everybody a bunch of liars. I’m just saying that seldom in this industry do you hear the real truth about what to do, how to do it, why to do it this way, what really works, etc. I want you to grab this free report, there’s no obligation, but read this report and see if it resonates with you as it did with me. Here’s the link for the report Business Audit. I stayed up really late last night to read it. And I must admit it really hit home in a few places.

I am here on the Internet, working my business because I believe that an incredible opportunity is open here for all who want to partake. It is my goal to provide you with the truth, sharing with you what works, just like I did in my ebook Ultimate List Building Tips. The report Lana wrote is top-notch and I highly recommend that you add it to your resources along with my ebook. Then jump over to the website and join this community. I definitely recommend that you take the upgraded one-time offer for Platinum if you can; this is probably one of those times is OKAY to spend your nest egg. 🙂

So, after you’ve read the Business Audit Report, come on over to My Team Builder Pro and grab your membership. You’ll be glad you did.