Why do you think the gurus keep making money?

Why do you think the gurus keep making money?

It’s because of their list.

Look at it this way… how many “sure thing” “gotta have” “pre-launch” “don’t miss this” “get in now” promotions have you received from “Jane Doe”, “Bobby Ray” and “Joe Blow”?  (names have been changed to protect the guilty…LOL)

If you’re like me, you get many of these, many times a week.  And if you’re like me, you sometimes get sucked into the hype.  But have you ever been successful?

Here’s my theory…

“Jane Doe”, “Bobby Ray”, and “Joe Blow”, and others are all pushing “XYZ” program at you.  Are you really going to sign up under Nina Nestoroff if you can sign up under one of the aforementioned “gurus”.  Of course not!  Why work with me when you can work with the “guru”?  (There’s a good reason to work with me, but we’ll discuss that another time.)

Anyway, tomorrow, you’re sitting with empty pockets, the “gurus” have moved on to the next “latest and greatest”, and you’re wondering why you haven’t made any money.

The “gurus” have the list.  Every time they want to promote something, they just send it out to their list and BAM!  They’ve scored again.

So, instead of following the “gurus” around, isn’t it time you do what they do…

Build YOUR List.

Next, we’ll discuss how.

Why you MUST build your list first.

Why you MUST build your list first.

If you’ve never been in an MLM company that suddenly shut it’s doors, consider yourself lucky.

If you’ve never worked in a project that flopped and left you empty-handed with an empty wallet, consider yourself lucky.

If you’ve never followed the “gurus” from one pre-launch to the next sure thing pre-launch without earning a single dime, consider yourself lucky.

If you’re ready to learn new skills, new ways of doing things with someone who has “been there, done that”, consider yourself lucky.

As I’ve said, I’ve learned a lot, made a lot of mistakes, and racked up a lot of debt, so you don’t have to do those same things.

Working together, we can succeed together.  I believe in the power of the Internet to grow our businesses, but more importantly, I believe in the relationships we can forge.  The power of these relationships will bring you true wealth.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Eavesdropping Makes Me Think

Today, I’m sitting at a dentist’s office with my 93 year old mother.  I love having a laptop so that I can work on the fly.  Even without having an Internet connection, I can put together a few words for my blog.

As I sit here, another patient is on a cellphone.  I’m not paying much attention but I know that he’s talking with someone about a local road contractor.  My ears perk up as I hear him say something about building relationships.  Basically what I learned from hearing one side of the conversation is that another person has been coming to a job site and getting to know the guys.  He’s building a relationship.  The guy on the other side of the phone call has lost a bid by only $10.  Why?   Because someone else built a relationship.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?  I know how important it is to build relationships with people.  You’ve heard it before:  people join people, they don’t join websites or buildings.  So, my advice is to always try to get to know people.  Look for common ground.  Care about where they are coming from.   Remember that it’s not your desires that are important, it’s the desires of your team members.  Put them first and you will succeed.

I'm Finally Here…

WOW!  Talk about intimidated!  Here I am, usually I have no problem with writer’s block or stage fright, or a loss for words.  Yet here I sit…

But I supposed I’ll get my groove back soon.  Until then…

My "Short" Story

My name is Nina, which is pronounced 9-nah.  I live in Texas, mother of 2 daughters, grandmother (Mimi) of 3 handsome grandsons and 1 incredibly beautiful granddaughter.

I’ve been working for myself over 25 years, both offline and online.   There’s no feeling like that of knowing you, and you alone with God’s help, are responsible for your life.  There’s no boss, no job to depend on, the only safety net you have is what you create.

In my blogs, I have tried to share what I’ve learned over the past few years.  Hopefully, you won’t have to make the same mistakes I did.  I hope that you enjoy reading my blogs, and I appreciate any comments you make.  Thank you for using your valuable time to visit.