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TeamSuccess is ROCKING 10LevelRiches. Recently a group of diverse marketers came together in a program called just2bucksamonth, which seemed to be a great program for helping people earn an online income.  Unfortunately, the admin has not been communicating with members and many of us became disillusioned with the program.  We can’t support something that brings new paying members in and yet doesn’t give them their referral links.  Because these marketers formed such a great working relationship, TeamSuccess was formed and a search was done to find a worthy program with which to involve ourselves.  We found 10LevelRiches.  And now, keep reading to learn about the team approach we’re using and about 10LevelRiches.

First, let’s talk about how and why we are using the team approach.  As many of you know, Internet Marketing can be a real jungle.  There are so many scams, legitimate programs, affiliate marketing, free programs, high-dollar programs, low-cost programs, flim-flams…. well, you know what I’m talking about!  It’s hard to know where to start.  By working as a team, we can explore opportunities, share feedback, thoughts and ideas.  That’s how we came up with 10LevelRiches.  Once we’d decided to get involved, we knew that working synergistically we could achieve more individually.  We have a Skype group which allows us to stay in touch with one another at a moment’s notice.  We can encourage each other, get immediate support and questions answered, and simply interact with one another, thus strengthening our relationships.  By building relationships, it goes back to this…

“All things being equal, people will do business with and
refer business to, those people they know, like and trust.”


Our strong relationship means that people can connect with us and get involved with what we’re doing, knowing that they’ll have not only individual help from their sponsor, but a whole team of successful marketers from which to learn.

We each have strengths and weaknesses in what we do and by working together we come away with strengths all the way around.

As the team grows and matures, we will be offering other programs and tools to help each other. The collaborative approach puts us on the pathway to reaching our dreams and goals.

10LevelRiches is a program that is owned by Will Pattison who also owns Advertising Blowout, and another 50 or so sites. A Floridian, Will has been online for over 8 years.

10LevelRiches is a great money maker in that you only pay $20 ONE TIME, and you collect $15 over and over again. In addition, you get the names and email addresses of your direct referrals (building your list). And, you get a great software to download at each level (there are 10). Rather than trying to explain everything to you here, I suggest that you visit the site and check it out. Here is a link to get there… 10LevelRiches You can read testimonials from members by clicking the Testimonials link in the upper right of the page. Here is a screenshot I took today. Remember, at today’s writing, 10LevelRiches is one week old. Not bad for 7 days’ payouts:

10 Level Riches Paid as of today
Screen Shot of PayOut To Date at 10LevelRiches
We are very excited about our future not only with 10LevelRiches, but also with TeamSuccess! If you are looking for a home with a caring, energetic, supportive SUCCESSFUL family, we invite you to join us. Simply send me an email at to get started.

7 Replies to “TeamSuccess is Rocking 10LevelRiches”

  1. Awesome explanation of the team approach and why it works so well. It is not a team build where you are given a link and then everyone is required to get a certain number of hits. That really only teaches people to get hits to a page.

    This type of approach shares knowledge and really allows people to learn how to market online and not just how to put a page in traffic.

    Great post!

  2. 10LevelRiches is a great money maker in that you only pay $20 ONE TIME, and you collect $15 over and over again.
    I have tested the software you will receive from first level (after you pay $20), and it is a widget where you can add products from Amazon and Ebay, based on a keyword you choose. The widget is great tool for bloggers.

  3. Great post about a great program.

    I am already in profit and looking forward to helping all on the team to be in profit as well.

    This seems to be a well thought out program run by an experienced internet marketer.


  4. Hello Frank,

    Good to see you in here. Yes, it’s nice to be in profit and be able to build a great team
    unity as well. 10LevelRiches continues to grow and improve. The added features
    that Will has implemented such as being able to see a better view of team members
    and the downline mailer are going to make it even more user friendly.
    Thanks for stopping by. I’ve also written a new post at
    Have a look there, comment and follow the blog. The more word gets out about
    TeamSuccess, the more people we will be able to help.


  5. Hello, thanks for your comments. Yes, it is really a great money maker. And because we’re working
    together, we will all be able to succeed with 10levelriches. I’m really glad that you are part of the team.


  6. Karla, you are a big reason the team approach works so well in TeamSuccess.
    You are always doing what you can to promote and help others. As you mentioned,
    we’re not about requiring x number of hits. We are simply reaching out to as many
    people as possible to help them find a way out of the quagmire of crappy programs,
    screwy admins, and blood-sucking “gurus”. By working together, we can brainstorm,
    learn from each other and provide positive energy to our members. We can join as a
    team in programs that will work. People are taking notice of TeamSuccess.


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