Advertising Experiment with Facebook

I’m conducting an advertising experiment with Facebook. Actually to be accurate, I’m conducting an advertising experiment ON Facebook. I realized that if I said “with”, it might imply that Facebook and I are in on this together. Which I guess we kind of are… Oh well, I digress…

This is the first time I’ve ever created an ad on Facebook for Internet Marketing Tips & Tools. I’ve created an ad, and designated a small amount of my advertising budget to see what happens.

If you are already a fan of Internet Marketing Tips & Tools, you won’t see the ad because I’m specifically targeting non-fans. If you’ve never liked my page at Facebook, then you might get lucky enough to see the ad on the right side of your Facebook page. If so, please “like” and make this experiment worthwhile.

In the meantime, I also want to tell you about a site I recently joined called IBOToolbox. It’s a social community, totally free to join, and dedicated to expanding your reach on the Internet. I’m learning it as we speak. There are training webinars available on Saturdays which are recorded. I’ll be watching those so I can get “up to speed”. You should check it out:

One last thing before I go… Please leave comments, share (sharing is sexy!!) and join me as we work our way through this Internet maze. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Experimenting with facebook ads is a good thing. Let me know the results of your findings. IBO Toolbox is a great site where you meet professionals and share ideas. One thing I like about it when you don’t know how to do something click on help and they have all kinds of videos to help you. The alexa ranking is really high. The owner continuing brings updates to the sites regularly. And of course, like Nina said, this is a free site. I just need to find time to go there more often.

    Veronica Smith

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