New Features at Ultimate Profit List

Many of you already know that Lisa McCormick and I own Ultimate Profit List, a viral list builder. In case you don’t know what a viral list builder is, let me explain briefly. Basically, a viral list builder is a safelist in that you can send solo ads and credit mailers to the membership. As you bring in referrals to the list, you are also able to reach them down 10 levels, using the credit mailers.

Here are the new features

    1. Full-page login ads
    2. Video Tutorials
    3. an updated footer with Alexa and Safelist Rankings links
    4. News & Updates
    5. Adzly ads

So, let’s delve into these further.

Full-page Login Ads Everyone who logs into the site will see full page advertising for 20 seconds.
If they stay on the page until the countdown is over, they will earn 20-50 credits, depending on their membership level. Members can log in and earn credits from full-page login ads 5 times daily. So, as an advertiser, you get your ad seen in another platform, for a longer period of time and your viewers will look at the ad because they are earning extra credits.

Video Tutorials I had recently put a couple of videos on the members page. It was a bit much for the page so I decided a better option would be to put them on their own page with a tab in the Navigation menu. I have added additional video tutorials including how to make splash pages and organizing your computer. My goal is to have videos that not only help the members use Ultimate Profit List but to teach them other online skills as well. As I get time, I will record more videos and add them.

Updated Footer with Links to Alexa and Safelist Rankings Rankings help determine a site’s popularity and visibility, and a site’s popularity and visibility help determine its rankings. In order to become ranked better, it helps to have Alexa reviews, links in to Ultimate Profit List from other sites, votes at Safelist Rankings and eventually, rankings at TrafficHoopla. So, please click on the Safelist Rankings and rank Ultimate Profit List. 10 is BEST! And if you would go to Alexa and write a short review of the site, that would really help us. Remember, the better we are the more members we get. The more members we have means more eyes on your ads. And isn’t that why you join sites like Ultimate Profit List?

News & Updates Another new feature in the Navigation menu is a tab for news and updates about Ultimate Profit List. By adding that tab and keeping the page updated with newsworthy information and updates about the site, members will have a central location for staying informed.

Adzly Ads Similar to Google Ads that you see on websites, you can put your own ads on Adzly for free. There are 3 membership levels at Adzly: Basic, Plus and Pro. Depending on your level, you can create ads, earn credits, create widgets to go on your sites, get stats for your ads, and even earn commissions. Adzly is owned by Logiscape Technologies, as is IMfaceplate.

I did a few cosmetic tweaks here and there, just me playing with the site. I think it looks pretty darn good! I hope you do too. And that about wraps it up for the new features at Ultimate Profit List. I hope to see you there!

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