52 Laws of Success #24

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#24 Law of Success
Most Laws of Success are short and sweet, but so
very important to YOUR success! As the saying
goes, sometimes less is MORE. Pay attention.
The laws always work when YOU apply them.
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Stand above the crowd by doing more than expected.

Think of the areas in your life where you’ve encountered
people who went the extra mile for you. Those instances
could have happened in your personal or professional life
with family members, friends, acquaintances, service
personnel, or business associates.

How did their actions make you feel? Did their extra
service to you make you return for more of their
company or business? Based on your answers, you
can probably see how the people who performed
beyond your expectations benefited also by doing so.

When you focus on how you can give more rather
than how you can get more, your confidence and
self-esteem grow, and you’re more likely to receive
extra sales, bonuses, promotions, recognition, raises,
and other benefits. Getting fired won’t be a concern
for you – you’ve created job security by building
loyalty and respect in your boss, customers, clients,
co-workers, and other business associates.

How about that co-worker of yours that does as
little as he can just to get by, and complains and whines
about it all day… What do you think the benefits to
his behavior might be later on?

Although it may seem rare in the people you encounter,
highly successful people have made it a habit in their
lives to always overdeliver. You can always count
on them to get the job (or favor) done, they’re highly
influential, and they earn greater financial rewards than
the just-get-by folks.

You may not see immediate rewards other than the
complete satisfaction you feel inside, but when you
begin to consistently go above and beyond what is
expected of you, you’re creating a stellar reputation
and you cannot help but reap the rewards eventually.

What can you do to go the extra mile today?

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