Were You Surprised by the New Title?

If you have followed my blog for any length of time, you know that I haven’t been posting regularly.

And now all of a sudden, you take a look and see that the new title on the blog is Anti-Aging Awareness, not Internet Marketing Tips & Tools. What’s going on??

Well, truth be told, I have been so burned out with the whole “online” stuff, that I just did not want to keep writing about it. My focus has become on improving my health, my peace of mind, and my financial status.

As a result of seeing what is available and more importantly, what is possible, I’ve decided to pursue a different direction here.

I hope that you enjoy the new direction and that you’ll continue to follow my posts.

TeamSuccess is Rocking 10LevelRiches

TeamSuccess is ROCKING 10LevelRiches. Recently a group of diverse marketers came together in a program called just2bucksamonth, which seemed to be a great program for helping people earn an online income.  Unfortunately, the admin has not been communicating with members and many of us became disillusioned with the program.  We can’t support something that brings new paying members in and yet doesn’t give them their referral links.  Because these marketers formed such a great working relationship, TeamSuccess was formed and a search was done to find a worthy program with which to involve ourselves.  We found 10LevelRiches.  And now, keep reading to learn about the team approach we’re using and about 10LevelRiches.

First, let’s talk about how and why we are using the team approach.  As many of you know, Internet Marketing can be a real jungle.  There are so many scams, legitimate programs, affiliate marketing, free programs, high-dollar programs, low-cost programs, flim-flams…. well, you know what I’m talking about!  It’s hard to know where to start.  By working as a team, we can explore opportunities, share feedback, thoughts and ideas.  That’s how we came up with 10LevelRiches.  Once we’d decided to get involved, we knew that working synergistically we could achieve more individually.  We have a Skype group which allows us to stay in touch with one another at a moment’s notice.  We can encourage each other, get immediate support and questions answered, and simply interact with one another, thus strengthening our relationships.  By building relationships, it goes back to this…

“All things being equal, people will do business with and
refer business to, those people they know, like and trust.”


Our strong relationship means that people can connect with us and get involved with what we’re doing, knowing that they’ll have not only individual help from their sponsor, but a whole team of successful marketers from which to learn.

We each have strengths and weaknesses in what we do and by working together we come away with strengths all the way around.

As the team grows and matures, we will be offering other programs and tools to help each other. The collaborative approach puts us on the pathway to reaching our dreams and goals.

10LevelRiches is a program that is owned by Will Pattison who also owns Advertising Blowout, and another 50 or so sites. A Floridian, Will has been online for over 8 years.

10LevelRiches is a great money maker in that you only pay $20 ONE TIME, and you collect $15 over and over again. In addition, you get the names and email addresses of your direct referrals (building your list). And, you get a great software to download at each level (there are 10). Rather than trying to explain everything to you here, I suggest that you visit the site and check it out. Here is a link to get there… 10LevelRiches You can read testimonials from members by clicking the Testimonials link in the upper right of the page. Here is a screenshot I took today. Remember, at today’s writing, 10LevelRiches is one week old. Not bad for 7 days’ payouts:

10 Level Riches Paid as of today
Screen Shot of PayOut To Date at 10LevelRiches
We are very excited about our future not only with 10LevelRiches, but also with TeamSuccess! If you are looking for a home with a caring, energetic, supportive SUCCESSFUL family, we invite you to join us. Simply send me an email at ninanestoroffmarketing@gmail.com to get started.

What is the 7 Minute Workout?

The 7 Minute Workout.

Just what is that?

When I first heard of Joel Therien and Chris Reid’s new program the 7 Minute Workout, I was pretty skeptical. I’m not into exercise, so the idea of being able to get in shape in only 7 minutes a day seems pretty far fetched.

Having worked with Joel Therien in his other businesses and knowing his background as a champion level body builder, he pretty much established himself as an expert, at least in my book.

I quickly decided that the 7 Minute Workout would be a great way to lose weight and get in shape. With the need for only 7 minutes a day every other day, it shouldn’t be too hard to get my 7 Minute Workout instilled into my subconscious.

As I’m getting into the routine of doing my 7 Minute Workout on a regular basis, I have found even more uses for the “7 minute” part.

This is something that I now apply to many things in my life.  5 minutes never seems long enough and 10 minutes can seem like an eternity. So the 7 minutes fits right in.

One example of applying a 7 Minute Workout to my life is in the area of meals. Eating nutritious food generally involves buying the right food items, prepping and cooking, just to be able to eat. I find that I can easily lose hours a day just in trying to make sure I eat good.

So now I will take 7 minutes to think up a meal, look over what I have and maybe look up a recipe online.

I then take my list and head for the grocery store to get what I need for my meal. With my list in hand, I set a goal of getting in and out in 7 minutes or less. (The supermarket can make you feel like you’re in an Indiana Jones movie. You have to run a gauntlet between the pastries, candies, ice creams and many other devilish items made up like cupcakes to get your attention. Then there are the little booby traps I call sucker tables that have an assortment of the junk you by-passed all spread out to catch your attention before you leave. These are the reasons you leave with twice the number of items you went to pick up. Most of them are junk food you don’t need to be eating AND you probably forgot a few items you came in for. With your grocery list, a 7 minute time limit will help your determination to eat better and your bank account too.

Now you have all the food you need for the meal and none of the junk because of your excellent 7 Minute Workout. It’s time to fix your meal. Take another 7 minute time frame to cut up the meat and the vegetables. Depending on the meal, making marinades and soaking the foods is all you do the next 7 minutes. Then, it might require another 7 minute time period to pop the food into the oven or pot or slow cooker.  I like to use slow cooking methods, such as baking, cooking food in a pot on low or using my slow cooker.  That way I don’t have to hover over the stove.

When it comes to eating, I do not recommend a 7 minute time frame. The reason is that food should never be rushed. When we eat quickly, we give our bodies signals that we are in a rush. This triggers our “fight or flight” response.  Our bodies react to this urgency by secreting things like adrenaline and other chemicals to help our bodies be ready to respond. This is also a time when your body doesn’t want to carry too much food around, so the feeling to eat properly can be affected.  It’s no wonder so many people have problems digesting their food. They have acid reflux, gas, bloating and just a general sense of yuckiness (this is a technical term, don’t use it unless you have received technical certification).  The point here is to take time to slow down, eat and rest afterwards. This is like the period between the 7 Minute Workout. Give your body time to use the food to build, repair and energize you.

Now if you are like me, I clean my dishes as I go when cooking.  Keeping the cleanup at the end of the meal down to 7 minutes isn’t too hard.

Okay, that was just a fun example of ways to put a 7 minute lifestyle in place.  The best way is to join today.

Starting the 7 Minute Workout can really help you get a handle on life for life!



Advertising Experiment with Facebook

I’m conducting an advertising experiment with Facebook. Actually to be accurate, I’m conducting an advertising experiment ON Facebook. I realized that if I said “with”, it might imply that Facebook and I are in on this together. Which I guess we kind of are… Oh well, I digress…

This is the first time I’ve ever created an ad on Facebook for Internet Marketing Tips & Tools. I’ve created an ad, and designated a small amount of my advertising budget to see what happens.

If you are already a fan of Internet Marketing Tips & Tools, you won’t see the ad because I’m specifically targeting non-fans. If you’ve never liked my page at Facebook, then you might get lucky enough to see the ad on the right side of your Facebook page. If so, please “like” and make this experiment worthwhile.

In the meantime, I also want to tell you about a site I recently joined called IBOToolbox. It’s a social community, totally free to join, and dedicated to expanding your reach on the Internet. I’m learning it as we speak. There are training webinars available on Saturdays which are recorded. I’ll be watching those so I can get “up to speed”. You should check it out:

One last thing before I go… Please leave comments, share (sharing is sexy!!) and join me as we work our way through this Internet maze. Thanks in advance!

Update on Ultimate Profit List

I thought it was time to give everyone an update on Ultimate Profit List.  We launched on January 11, 2011 and now we have approximately 1250 members.

Personally, I have learned a lot about building and growing a site over the past few months.  There have been some challenges along the way.  It has been an interesting and mostly enjoyable journey.  I’ve learned something about MySQL databases, PHP, HTML and more “alphabet soup”.

Recently we’ve been plagued with a hacker/scammer who comes in and sets up from 2 or 3 bogus accounts up to as many as 12 to 15 bogus accounts a day.  The script is not supposed to allow multiple signups from the same IP address.  However, that function didn’t … function.    I’ve had to delete his accounts over and over again.  But he has slowed down and now I have some other security features in place to protect the site.  There was never any attempt to get other members information.  Rather, this guy was promoting his own agenda and giving bogus email addresses and a bunch of other bogus info.   So, that was a pain in the butt, excuse my French, but life goes on!

We now have a Skype group that I created for other list builder owners who are using the same script.  I put the group together as a support platform where we can help each other with issues that we are having or just to offer moral support (LOL).  It’s proven to be a great group.

It is fun for me to be able to change things in the way the site looks, to give it a unique twist.  One thing I did which you’ll notice (if you’re a geek, you’ll notice.  If not, you probably won’t!) is correct the spelling  for the word “referrer”.  Almost every other site has the word spelled as “refferer”.  Every time I would join a site and see that, I would cringe.  So, that was one of the first things I fixed at Ultimate Profit List.  Yeah, probably I’m the only one who cares.  But I do.

We had a referral contest that ran from the date of launch until we reached 1,000 verified members which was on February 27.  The winners can be seen at our Referral Contest page.  You can see who the winners were and then you can scroll further down the page to see how the standings have changed since the end of the contest.   We will be starting a mini-contest soon.  Details coming soon.

As far as results go, we seem to have a pretty active, responsive membership.    Having responsive members mean that people are using the site, reading the email ads, posting text links and banner ads, etc.  This increases our visibility, rankings go up at Alexa, TrafficHoopla, SafelistRankings, and more members join Ultimate Profit List.  More members join, more eyes on YOUR advertising.  More eyes on your advertising, more referrals, more income, and everyone is HAPPY!

I recently set up a tab in the Navigation menu for “News & Updates”.  But the way I first set it up, I had to change the entire page every time I updated it.  So, what I did was create a blog that is accessible from that tab and then I just post updates to the blog  .  It’s working much, much better that way!

As time goes on, I will continue to improve the site.  Changing things here and there is fun for me and provides a learning experience too.  I hope that you are enjoying Ultimate Profit List and if you are not a member, you can join right now!

New Features at Ultimate Profit List

Many of you already know that Lisa McCormick and I own Ultimate Profit List, a viral list builder. In case you don’t know what a viral list builder is, let me explain briefly. Basically, a viral list builder is a safelist in that you can send solo ads and credit mailers to the membership. As you bring in referrals to the list, you are also able to reach them down 10 levels, using the credit mailers.

Here are the new features

    1. Full-page login ads
    2. Video Tutorials
    3. an updated footer with Alexa and Safelist Rankings links
    4. News & Updates
    5. Adzly ads

So, let’s delve into these further.

Full-page Login Ads Everyone who logs into the site will see full page advertising for 20 seconds.
If they stay on the page until the countdown is over, they will earn 20-50 credits, depending on their membership level. Members can log in and earn credits from full-page login ads 5 times daily. So, as an advertiser, you get your ad seen in another platform, for a longer period of time and your viewers will look at the ad because they are earning extra credits.

Video Tutorials I had recently put a couple of videos on the members page. It was a bit much for the page so I decided a better option would be to put them on their own page with a tab in the Navigation menu. I have added additional video tutorials including how to make splash pages and organizing your computer. My goal is to have videos that not only help the members use Ultimate Profit List but to teach them other online skills as well. As I get time, I will record more videos and add them.

Updated Footer with Links to Alexa and Safelist Rankings Rankings help determine a site’s popularity and visibility, and a site’s popularity and visibility help determine its rankings. In order to become ranked better, it helps to have Alexa reviews, links in to Ultimate Profit List from other sites, votes at Safelist Rankings and eventually, rankings at TrafficHoopla. So, please click on the Safelist Rankings and rank Ultimate Profit List. 10 is BEST! And if you would go to Alexa and write a short review of the site, that would really help us. Remember, the better we are the more members we get. The more members we have means more eyes on your ads. And isn’t that why you join sites like Ultimate Profit List?

News & Updates Another new feature in the Navigation menu is a tab for news and updates about Ultimate Profit List. By adding that tab and keeping the page updated with newsworthy information and updates about the site, members will have a central location for staying informed.

Adzly Ads Similar to Google Ads that you see on websites, you can put your own ads on Adzly for free. There are 3 membership levels at Adzly: Basic, Plus and Pro. Depending on your level, you can create ads, earn credits, create widgets to go on your sites, get stats for your ads, and even earn commissions. Adzly is owned by Logiscape Technologies, as is IMfaceplate.

I did a few cosmetic tweaks here and there, just me playing with the site. I think it looks pretty darn good! I hope you do too. And that about wraps it up for the new features at Ultimate Profit List. I hope to see you there!

Passion And The Gift of Life

We hear a lot in network marketing (MLM, Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, etc.) about relationship building, and how people do business with people they know, like and trust. We’ll call this Theory #1. Another common theory is that it’s not who you know but who THEY know. This is Theory #2.

Back in 2001, if memory serves, I decided to get into the field of merchant services such processing checks online and credit card processing. At a training class I attended, I met a man named Gary Kohr and his wife. Soon after the class, Gary introduced me to Ned Rae and his wife Cheryl. (Theory #2 at work!)

Under Gary, I joined an MLM company called SmartTravel. Ned was Gary’s sponsor. Long story short, I met another young man, Matt Morris. Matt was Ned’s sponsor. SmartTravel underwent some changes, as many MLM companies do and later closed its doors. We (the core group) moved to another MLM, and eventually Matt Morris opened his own company, Success University.

All through the process, I followed Ned and Cheryl Rae. We’ve maintained a friendship and working relationship for over 10 years now. (Theory #1 is alive and well.) Watching Ned evolve from the leader he was to the leader he is now has been a remarkable site to behold. And even more amazing has been Cheryl’s transformation.

So, what I’d like to share today is Ned’s story. He’s written an ebook called Passion and The Gift of Life. I would follow Ned to the ends of the earth; I would trust him with my life. His journey truly is inspiring. I hope that you will take something of value from his book.

Here are some comments about the book from leaders in the marketing industry…

“You need to read his book, it will inspire you, make you realize what is important in life and help you achieve your highest potential!”
Joel Therien; CEO, Founder, Global Virtual Opportunities

“His story of overcoming adversity to achieve greatness has already inspired thousands around the world.”
Matt Morris “The Unemployed Millionaire”

“Ned, your unique ability to bring impact and genuine heart simultaneously puts you in a league of your own. You are the message that you bring, my friend.”
Johnny Wimbrey; President Wimbrey Training Systems

“Ned is an exceptional entrepreneur and author who you deserve to receive his great insight and value by reading his new e-book.”
Jeffery Combs; CEO Goldenmastermind Seminars Inc.

“Ned is one of the most AWESOME men I’ve ever met. Down-to-earth, hardworking, passionate about LIFE, his dedication and faithfulness to his God and to his family are a beacon in today’s society. Cheryl and Ned are incredible examples to everyone who want to know what a relationship should be.”
Nina Nestoroff; UltimateProfitList

Without further ado… Passion and the Gift of Life

Nina Nestoroff’s Review of Viral Traffic Frenzy

Viral Traffic Frenzy is a new website that promises to deliver website traffic effortlessly. That’s what they all say, right? Well, this one really seems to do it!

Visit Viral Traffic Frenzy

Solomon Huey created it.  If you’ve been around Internet Marketing for any time, you’ve probably heard his name.  He’s well known and trusted by many in the Internet Marketing world. Solomon created several very popular programs designed to help marketers, ranging from traffic generation to list building and more.

Viral Traffic Frenzy has a custom toolbar that attaches to your web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari) just like some of the other toolbars you may have seen or used. Of course, the toolbar is free of any viruses or malware.

The installation is very easy and fast. If you’ve ever installed any plug-ins into your web browser, it’s just as easy to install this one. It should only take a couple of minutes to have the Viral Traffic Frenzy Toolbar set up.

And that is when it gets good…

Text ads appear on the Viral Traffic Frenzy toolbar every time you visit a new webpage. For every ad that displays on the toolbar, you earn advertising credits!

For example, you can go visit Google, check your email, visit Facebook, read the news, etc … and every time a new page loads, you earn advertising credits, thanks to the Viral Traffic Frenzy toolbar. Then you can use those credits to show your own advertisements.

With Viral Traffic Frenzy, you really ARE getting effortless and practically autopilot traffic.

Sounds good so far, right?  Keep reading OR you can join here:
Viral Traffic Frenzy

The toolbar sits there while I’m doing my normal online "stuff" and I click on the ads I see.  It’s very unobtrusive, clicking on the text ads is also a bit addictive!  LOL  The pages you click on open in a new tab too, so you don’t lose whatever you’re doing when you look at an ad.  I think that’s very important because it drives me crazy when I click a link and lose what I’ve been working on.  Gr-r-r-r!  Not a problem with Viral Traffic Frenzy.  Thank you, Solomon!

The affiliate program is very nice.  Viral Traffic Frenzy pays some great commissions and I am always happy when I earn commissions.

What I really like, though, is the cool viral nature of Viral Traffic Frenzy.  You actually earn credits based your downlines’ activity 10 levels deep. That means you could be earning traffic from potentially thousands of people in your downline!

Viral Traffic Frenzy TRULY is an autopilot traffic generator and delivers on its promises VERY WELL.

Here is a quick overview…


* Getting great advertising is easy and fast. The Viral Traffic Frenzy Toolbar really delivers and has the power to increase your traffic and, most importantly, make you more money. YAY!

* You can literally visit any website online and earn traffic with no effort at all, which means more traffic and sales coming your way

* Your advertising power can grow big very quickly, thanks to the viral components of Viral Traffic Frenzy. Basically, your downlines earn you traffic all the way down to 10 levels.

* A very generous affiliate program that pays excellent commissions. With an extremely easy to use program and a proven owner, expect a lot of your referrals to upgrade.

* Completely free to join, though an upgraded membership will multiply your results and increase your potential sales.  I took the monthly upgrade but I wish I’d taken the annual.


* You need to install the Viral Traffic Frenzy Toolbar – though this only takes a couple of minutes and supposedly, you’ll only need to do it once.  My business partner seems to have a bit of trouble with it but her computer is older and has some issues anyway, plus it’s running Vista.  So, she’s had to install it a few times.  I think the issue is more her computer than the toolbar. Anyway, that’s not really a problem, just wanted to make sure you knew.  I have had absolutely NO problems with it.  I’m running Windows 7 and Firefox.

Viral Traffic Frenzy seems to do everything it promises and more.  Which is always refreshing!  Although you need to install their toolbar, it’s not a hassle, or at least not much of one.. Plus, after that you’ll be enjoying free, high quality advertising for life.

It was definitely worth it to me.  I love getting traffic to my sites!

Solomon is giving Viral Traffic Frenzy away for free but I did take an upgrade.  Be sure to check the OTO’s.  You will probably find something in your budget.

Whether you’re struggling to get traffic to your websites or just looking for more traffic resources, Viral Traffic Frenzy is sure to help you.

Since it’s free, I highly recommend you join. There’s nothing to lose, and the upside is you might be seeing more traffic, leads, and cash coming your way.

Join Viral Traffic Frenzy now:

I hope to see your ads over at Viral Traffic Frenzy.  Be sure to look for mine!

And don’t forget to sign up for my viral list builder, Ultimate Profit List, if you haven’t yet.

Ultimate Profit List ~ A New Viral List Builder

Wow!  It has been a crazy month so far.

Ultimate Profit List launched on January 11, 2011 at 11:11 a.m. CST, as scheduled.  No hitches in our gitalong.  So it was grand.  We\’re not setting records yet, not number one in Traffic Hoopla yet.  That distinction goes to one of our valued members, Mr. Stefan Berg, owner of The Lead Magnet.

But we are growing quite nicely, we\’ve turned on the system mailer and solo ads.  The members seem to be very responsive.  They\’ve been submitting some great advertising.  And we\’ve been very blessed to have some top leaders in the industry supporting us and promoting Ultimate Profit List.  Thanks, Tony, Paul, Sherri, Lars, Brian, Brent, and many, many more.

It is our intention to improve, tweak, add to, and generally make Ultimate Profit List a fun, responsive, exciting place to advertise.  We\’ll always be working to make UPL better for our valued members.

My business partner, Lisa McCormick, had surgery on her left hand this past Friday.  Therefore, the weekend has been a bit challenging since I have been admin\’ing for both of us in addition to taking care of her.  Hopefully, she\’ll be back to her usual state of wellbeing in short order. 

Launching Tomorrow ~ BE THERE!

Launching 1/11/11 at 11:11 a.m. CST

Ultimate Profit List

Yes, it\’s another viral list builder that are all the rage right now.  Why? you ask…

Quite simply…Because they WORK!

Lots of great advertising and the opportunity to build your list.  Plus you get Instant Commissions!  How sweet is that??  Having been on the receiving side, I can assure you that it\’s a great feeling to get paid for simply sharing a great traffic resource with your list, your friends, your friends\’ friends, and basically,anyone looking for more "eyes on" for their businesses.

Use promo code "newmember"
for $100 free advertising

Hope to see you there!